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simple steps to make your EA is really your
5 simple steps to make your EA is really your
  1. 1 Fill in the ORDER FORM and do not forget to attach your EA
  2. 2 Wait for a reply from our specialist if it is possible to decompile it
  3. 3 Pay for your order (price is individually discussed)
  4. 4 Download your EA in .MQ5 format
  5. 5 Modify source code to meet your requirements (we are happy to help you)

What Is It for?

.EX5 and .MQ5 files are used in the work of MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Both of them are of the utmost importance for online trading in the FOREX market. The only difference is that .EX files are executable and .MQ5 files contain source code for trading robots (Expert Advisors, EA), indicators, and scripts. MQ5 file can be opened in the Meta Editor application and edited. And EX5 file cannot be changed.

Availability of source code in this case is critically important for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It enables you to understand the EA performance logic and its algorithm. It matters as you allow this program to manage your money.
  • You can modify source code to adjust the performance logic of trading robots in accordance with the changing market requirements.
  • It allows you to remove restrictions set by the developer, such as the reference to a specific account or limited operating time of the EA.

The developers of trading robots often forget to attach source code to their products. In these cases, a decompilation may help. In other words, you need to restore the source code from .EX5 file and save it in .MQ5 format. We can help you with this task.

Current Situation
Current Situation

Unlike the MT4 trading terminal where decompilation of .EX4 files into .MQ4 ones had been a simple task by 2014, MT5 trading platform was different from the very beginning. Since its release in 2010, the developers have been declaring one of the platform’s main features — the inability to decompile the executable files and receive their source code, including through end-to-end encryption.

This problem remained unsolved for a long time. However, long-term studies conducted by our team since 2012, finally paid off. And today we can assert with confidence that it has become possible.

At present, about 85% of the .EX5 files sent by our customers are successfully decompiled. For products distributed through MQL5 Market, this ratio is about 65%. We are working tirelessly to improve our performance and these rates are steadily increasing.


How we do it?

The Meta Editor 5 application uses optimization and code compression during the compilation process. Code obfuscation is also applied before compilation, and it significantly complicates the work to be done. MQ5 Market products are additionally encrypted. These obstacles reduce the efficiency of such classical reengineering methods as disassembly and static analysis.

To fully restore source code nowadays, it is necessary to work directly with memory dumps, use the terminal debugger, and overcome the restrictions of runtime virtualization.

This meticulous work takes a great deal of time and effort. But with due dedication, success can be achieved.

All things considered, it becomes clear that it is impossible to create a standalone EX5 to MQ5 decompiler today. The good news is that it is possible a reliable online service for .EX5 decompilation. That is exactly what we did.

Order the decompilation of the black box (.EX5 file) now and make your EA is really your!

Order Form

Order Form

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How much is the fish?

The cost of our services is determined individually for each case. Since the decompilation process is mainly carried out manually by professionals, the final cost of the service strongly depends on the size and complexity of the code. The cost of decompilation of MetaTrader Market ™ products is slightly higher.

Approximate prices for our decompilation services are shown below. Typically these rates are close to the lower limit value of the typical order.

  • Ordinary expert advisor (EA) ~ $350
  • Expert avdisor from MetaTrader Market ™ ~ $450
  • Technical indicator ~ $550 *

* This amount reflects the fact that we are not interested to work with indicators.
But if it's really necessary, we can professionally perform every whim you wish!